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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess who's coming to dinner...

Kev is the Young Men president at church, which means he's a leader for boys aged 12-18, of which we have ONE in our ward. It can be difficult, especially with church now starting at 9am, which discourages his one young man from attending.

Each week, Kev is to attend Young Men/Young Women activities, and since numbers are minuscule in our ward Kev usually has the opportunity to combine that weekly activity with another ward with more youth.

Lately, Kev's one-and-only young man has taken to showing up unannounced at our Pink House before the weekly activity. Usually, Kev is NOT home. Usually, I'm in the middle of making dinner. Usually, it's really awkward. The young man has under-developed learning and social skills, which makes for interesting weekly encounters.

This week, the young man showed up in the pouring rain. I hadn't heard from Kev all day, so I was unaware that he was working in Salt Lake, and would be until late in the evening. The young man proceeded to play each of Kev's video games for about three minutes each and I unsuccessfully tried to talk him into letting me take him to the church for the activity since the time was fast approaching.

Thankfully, one of the games malfunctioned and I succeeded in getting him to turn it off. While I was loading up Aspen to survive the rain, the young man helped himself out of the house and sat in the car waiting for me. Only, I didn't know that. When I came back into the front room he was just gone.


We made it through the torrential downpour to the church in one piece, and Aspen only screamed the entire ride home.

Kev totally owes me.


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