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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hand in hand, dreams combined

Sunday was spent at Seth's with all of my siblings. We grilled steak and had cake (just for the heck of it!) and enjoyed passing Aspen around the whole afternoon.

Jeshua, Julia and Sophia stayed the night while Kev and I opted to spare them from Aspen's 4am cry-it-out. We loaded up our sleepy baby in the late evening and headed home. The ride lulled her to sleep, and even though she woke up when I transferred her from car to crib, she slept through the entire night.

At 8:30 Aspen awoke and since Kev had President's Day off, we had a cuddle in our bed together. Aspen ate and played and stuck her fingers up Kev's nose a hundred times. She almost always goes back to bed about an hour after initially getting up, so we waited it out until she was sleepy again. When her eyelids dropped, I stuck her binky in her mouth to seal the deal and held her hand to keep her from swatting her own face.

Kev left us during our nap, but not before capturing our precious moment. I love this family I have. And I love all the cuddles we've been having in bed lately.


  1. That is such a sweet picture. Cuddling in bed is so awesome. I love to cuddle in the bed with my kids. How wonderful that she slept through the night. What a wonderful way to start your holiday.

  2. Oh my gosh! that is the cutest picture I have ever seen!

  3. What a precious picture! Cuddle time is the best.


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