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Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's like everyone forgot what it was like when THEY got married...

Thank you so much for sharing your stories about your wedding dresses (or lack thereof)! It was so much fun to hear about what you chose, and who helped you, and some of your thoughts about weddings. I do agree that it should be up to the bride and groom- even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

In keeping with my rebel attitude about my wedding, I thought I'd share another bit of information.

Kev and I didn't have any wedding day lunches or dinners planned. After we were married in the Bountiful temple, we literally escaped from family and drove down 5th South looking for somewhere to eat. We landed at a Subway, just the two of us. I bumped into an assistant from my dentist's office and she asked how soon until my wedding. She almost choked on her sandwich when I told her it was actually that day, and it had just happened about an hour ago.

Did you get to sneak away from the day's festivities and have some special moments as a new couple? I'm so glad Kev and I did because the rest of the day was nuts; he ended up having to help set up for the reception (which was at a park) and I didn't get to see him again until he picked me up for that.


  1. Ha, ha, ha! Yah, after the temple was our luncheon and we sort of left EARLY! We went to our "new house" and spent 2 hours together before heading to the reception that my family had set up the day before.

  2. Same story as Malissa! That Subway story is like the funniest thing I've ever heard. I love it!

  3. Haha the subway story was great. No we didnt sneak away. Right after the ceremony we took pictures, then changed for our dinner @ the JSMB.

  4. we grabbed wendys before the reception. cuz we're cool like that

  5. We did a breakfast and then got married early. Afterwards no reception or cake or lunch or anything. And I was so glad. I was so ready to just drive off!

  6. I have heard of so many people not getting to eat at all the day of the wedding because it is so hectic and crazy, so that is great you got to and all alone too. After our sealing, there was tons of pictures, then the video stuff, and finally we had a quick brunch with all our families which we barely got to enjoy because we were so late. But after that we left on our honeymoon which was so nice. I would recommend having your reception the night before to anybody. I loved it. It made the day so much more about the sealing, with all of the craziness the night before, but who sleeps much on the night before their wedding anyway. What sleep I did get was with my head hanging off the bed because I couldn't sleep on my hair. It was all done up for the reception and had to stay that way for the temple. Not fun, especially since I was sleeping at the foot of the bed, while my two sister's slept soundly on their comfy pillows. Good memory though.


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