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Monday, February 28, 2011

A lovely pair of eyes caught me by surprise

I sat down on Valentine's Day to hammer out my tax return. It did not go well. I was all, click here, click there, enter $4000 of medical expenses, blah blah blah... and my return was still shaping up to be smaller than last year.

I was crushed. What happened to all that talk about a baby giving parents a fat return? AREN'T WE POOR ENOUGH?!

I decided to ask Jeshua to look over our return for me and Kev because he's a corporate tax smarty-pants (I like to brag). The very next day he figured out what I did wrong (which was really stupid) and had more than doubled my return amount.

He didn't need to be a whiz kid to make the changes to my return, but I'm sure it helped. He won't let me pay him for going through my return, so perhaps I'll just buy him and Julia a really, really, really nice present for their little girl who's due to be born in March.

It's nice to know my family is watching out for me. Now please excuse me while I roll around in my big pile of money.


  1. LOVE it! I am SO glad you're getting back what you deserve. We're getting a good return too, but when we get it we will have to say goodbye. That's what happens when you loose money on your house while trying to sell it. :(

  2. What a blessing! So do you still need to go back to work now or are you going to be okay for a little while longer?

  3. I'm hopeful the return can help us stay steady for a while longer. If I have to work more (besides Yoga/Pilates) I'd like to wait until the Fall, at the very least.

  4. I love tax returns. They have been the only way we have survived this long. I hope it will help you guys out so you wont have to go back to work (or until Kev can maybe get a new job that will meet your needs more).


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