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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Northern Utah Photography

Remember the onesies I made for my friend Shay's twins? I have to admit that her sister-in-law Cortney gave her better gifts. Cortney runs Bouncin' Baby Photography and did maternity and newborn photos for Shay.

It's not that onesies aren't AWESOME... it's just that the photos will be around a lot longer. And they'll never need a good washing.

I still regret not having my own maternity photos taken, but you don't have to have the same problem! Cortney is offering various promotions right now for you and your soon-to-be-wee one.

*Book a maternity or a newborn session and get a free in-hospital session. Let Cortney capture the beauty of your newborn babe the day s/he enters this world because they are only one day old for ONE DAY!

*Book a maternity and a newborn session and receive 20% off the newborn session, plus 15% off whatever you order from Bouncin' Baby.

If you find Bouncin' Baby Photography on Facebook you'll get the scoop on more amazing deals like free, mini photo shoots (there just might be one coming up this week if you check it out now!).

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  1. I always wish I would have done newborn photo shoots too. Those pictures are priceless.


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