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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A nose knows.

Last Thursday after Pilates, I made a solo trip to the grocery store. I could've stayed for HOURS. It's so nice not having to maneuver a cart with a car seat and giant diaper bag in it.

I stocked up on essentials, including baby food (thank you, WIC!) Since Aspen is still in the taste-testing stage, I stored some of the jars in the basement with our regular food storage.

Come Friday morning, it was time to teach Yoga in Farr West. I put Maddie in the basement as usual and left her cozy in her bed with a treat. When Aspen and I got home about an hour later, I noticed that some of the baby food jars had rolled off the bottom shelf and were resting on the basement floor. I figured Maddie had sniffed in the bag, which is something she does every time I bring home groceries and put them down. Then I noticed one of the labels on the floor... a label describing the contents of the missing jar as being meat and gravy.

I found the missing jar in Maddie's dog bed. Apparently she'd unsuccessfully tried to help herself to a snack. That dog is HILARIOUS.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. I imagine you'll have the cleanest floor around when Aspen starts eating seriously thanks to Maddie.


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