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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, month 7


Dude, it was like, you hit 6 months and BAM. You became a person. You're all, hey, gimme that! I have needs!

You grab for everything, especially if you're being held and the holder has something. It's usually a cell phone, a piece of paper, or food. And you WANT IT. It's so neat. And annoying. My life is now about keeping things out of your reach. I'm so happy to see you developing though; there's nothing I'd rather you do than grow up strong and healthy. If that means I have to sit ten feet away from you when I eat, then so be it.

Speaking of eating, you're doing really well. It's frustrating at times to keep you from being distracted (you stare out the window and ignore me sometimes) but we're making progress. You started with the usual orange foods and they made you poop like a grown up! No more soupy poopy for you... I miss those days. I'm wondering if 7 months is too early to potty train...?

We've had success getting you to sleep through most of the night, although I do hear you wailing sometimes at 4am. The rule for now is you don't get any attention from me or Daddy until 6am. You'll get the hang of it, I promise. For now, Mama is sleeping with the baby monitor off.

Your (pretend) Aunty Melissa is already planning your first birthday, and we're pretty darn excited about it. Yeah, sure, it's still months away... but if we plan now, it'll be so much more fun for the grownups than if we wait until the last minute. New traditions will be started that will involve tiaras, so start practicing your princess wave now.

Mama is so glad you're so strong and healthy. She's so glad Daddy and Uncle Seth can make you laugh so easily. She's so glad you're YOU. Your personality is huge and pleasant and refreshing. Walking in the front door and seeing your smile is amazing. Thanks for growing up and being patient while Mama got the hang of mothering. It was tough at first, but with help from everyone who loves us, we're making it through.

Loves, loves, loves,

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  1. so cute! as soon as wy hit 6 months i kept saying every month and stage was my favorite. she's so dang cute!


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