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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes I feel like being anti-social.

After a 12-hour shift one day this week (oh, didn't you know I have a job? It's a non-stop gig I got about six months ago) I was relieved to have Kev home from his last commitment for the evening. He tucked our dear sweet baby into his lap and commenced feeding her a delicious serving of rice cereal. I love that meal. It means Aspen is ready for beddy.

During my break, Kev got a phone call and couldn't juggle baby, bottle and phone simultaneously. So although it's against protocol to work straight through an entire day without letting someone else change a diaper, I took back that dear sweet baby.

Unfortunately, Kev's phone call kept him from A) burping the baby, B) diapering the baby, C) saying goodnight to the baby and D) spending quality time with me before I went to bed after completing all of the above.

Sometimes I wish we could just have half a day together, with no interruptions. I wish that everyone else could leave us alone and let us cherish a few moments as a family. We can't get these moments back- these moments when Aspen pulls her socks off her feet so suddenly that her head whips back from the force. These moments when we huddle together in the bathroom (the warmest room in the Pink House) and slather Aspen with lotion after a bath. These moments when Aspen thinks the world revolves around me and Kev.

Other things can wait. Other things just aren't as important as putting your dear sweet baby to bed.


  1. The phone is my arch nemesis when Matt is home. I want him all to myself.

  2. Tell me about it babe! I get really upset when the phone rings past 8.


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