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Monday, February 21, 2011

Through Aspen's window I can see the big tree that stands in the neighbor's yard. When Aspen was born, it reigned in all its green, summer glory. The canyon winds would blow the leaves frantically in the early-morning hours, and I purposefully left the curtains open so I could watch them while Aspen nursed.

In the fall, the leaves started to drop. I watched them change colors through the window, sitting in the same spot in Aspen's room as always. At that point Aspen could smile and coo at me, so it was a trade-off; no leaves, but I had sweet baby faces to make up for waning summer days.

Sitting in Aspen's nursing chair this winter, all I can see are the bare, naked branches through the window. It's marking time as it passes so quickly. My baby is rolling over and learning to do so much. By the time the buds sprout, Aspen will be crawling.

When the tree finds its fullness once again, Aspen will be one. One year old. She'll be babbling and toddling and I won't be sitting in her nursing chair as often. I won't be looking at that tree.

But I'll remember it. And I'll remember Aspen's milestones as well. I've been so lucky to enjoy them, and I hope to be with her for many more.


  1. What a neat thought. You should frame that print to remind you of this time, or get an artist friend to paint something similar to hang in her room. That would be a really neat piece of art as well as having special significance.

  2. this is a beautiful, thoughtful post. i thoroughly enjoyed it! and that picture is beautiful. i agree, you should have it framed in her room!


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