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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And baby makes three

Last weekend Sophia and I were able to host a baby shower for our sister-in-law Julia. This is only the second baby on my side of the family, so we're kinda freakin' excited.

Kev, Aspen and I made the trip to Provo (Maddie got to stay with Seth for the night) on Friday and we prepped the food and decorations. We went low-key since... I'm lazy. But seriously, it was fun. A lot of Julia's friends and their spouses/boyfriends were able to attend and we got her stocked up with diapers for her little girl.

Originally I wanted to have some sort of theme for the baby shower. I bought gummy lips and had all these ideas. But, remember how I'm lazy?


I made a cake out of diapers, Sophia cut out a bunch of cute paper lips (for pinning lips on a little lady) but we just had so much more fun visiting and eating the delicious, baked french toast Sophia made to bother playing a bunch of games. And since it was a shower open not only to Julia's girl friends, but their husbands as well, I didn't want it to be annoying.

I can't believe that the next time I see my brother, he'll have a baby. A teeny, tiny, little baby.

Does it make me a bad person for being so glad it's not me who'll have a newborn this spring? Because seriously, I'M SO GLAD IT'S NOT ME.

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