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Monday, March 07, 2011

c u l8tr!

Last week, Aspen proved just how tech-savvy the upcoming generation is.

She texted Seth, saying "he," which is the soft cooing sound she makes non stop. Then she proceeded to call him and coo while I was in her room, putting her clothes away.

Later that night, I couldn't find my cell after putting her to bed. I knew it had been in my hoodie pocket when I changed her and read her a story, but after that it was gone. I looked all over and finally resorted to calling it.

I found it swaddled up with Aspen in her crib.

Dang, girl! Get your own phone and stop mooching off me.


  1. I thought she had her own phone!! Maybe it is the Spanish, she wants an English one!

  2. That is too funny! Jesse calls people all the time. He has even called 911, seriously. He is obsessed with cell phones.

  3. Haha how funny! I gave Bailee Shads old cell phone that we couldnt find the charger for & she still prefers mine probably because it makes noise & lights up. I thought she would like a play cell phone but she still prefers mine. Speaking of cell phones we are switching back to Tmobile this month so I'll give you a hollar so we can meet up & I can give you your cell phone back. Its been a life saver thanks again!

  4. My sister's cell phone "wallpaper" is a picture of her 2-year-old daughter, and the daughter has learned how to slide the little bar across the phone to make the wallpaper come on. When she sees herself, she smiles, holds the phone up to her ear and says, "Ello!? Llo!" as if she's calling herself.

    Kids are hilarious.


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