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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Gray Cliff Lodge in Ogden Canyon

A couple of months ago, I bought an $18 Groupon for the Gray Cliff Lodge. For that $18 price, Kev and I enjoyed something like $40 worth of food. So worth it. I love Groupon. I'm actually glad Kev and I had to wait so long to go, because it meant we could go for dinner when it was light out. Thank you, Daylight Savings!

Additionally, the date was made possible by Aaron and Melissa who took Penny for a couple of hours so Kev and I could dine without her. I think it's the first time we've gone on a date sans baby since... a long time. Yippy!

The Lodge is located in the Ogden Canyon (12th St) and has an ugly-pretty setting. It features old 70s dinnerware, and some seating in an old, enclosed porch. I loved it. Local artists display oils/acrylics on the walls that you can purchase. The decor is so random that it's charming. They even have an old old old gas stove on display in the entryway and it's so cute. The ladies' room is completely pink, from the wallpaper to the floor to the commode. I loved it.

Kev got a 14oz steak and I went big and got half of a fried chicken. One of the great things about the Lodge is that dinner includes a petite appetizer, a side, the entree and of course, dessert. So for $20, I got more food than I could handle, and it made for great leftovers on Sunday.

After dinner Kev and I walked along the lane off the main road and peeked at houses for sale. I always tell Kev I'd never want to live in the canyon. The thought of dealing with the snow on the winding road just to get to the grocery store gives me an anxiety attack. However, I wouldn't be opposed to having a little summer get-away in the canyon. Some of the homes are just tiny and perfect for spending a weekend along the river, fishing or just wading in the water. If you haven't at least been through the canyon for a drive, do it! If you haven't been to eat at the Lodge, do it! I'm looking forward to taking Aspen through to Pineview so she can hang out on the "beach" there and pretend to swim. It's one of my summer must-dos. How cute will she be in a swimsuit?!


  1. Can I get an invite for myself and the little guy for those Pineview outings?
    He already has a swimsuit and I'm pretty sure I will be dying to get out of the house this summer so I can talk with another adult!

  2. baby date! aspen can teach your little man how to eat sand.

  3. It's a date!
    Although if our son takes after his father, (which I'm already convinced he does) he'll be eating sand right along with Aspen - no encouragement needed.


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