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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth

I think Aspen is teething. One can't be sure though because with all the screaming and hollering it's difficult to get close enough to her in order to inspect the contents of her mouth.

Whatever her ailment is, I've been gathering up the necessary supplies to attempt combat.

I've given her a dose of Tylenol a day in an effect to soothe her wails; but everything seems so short-lived. She is fighting naps tooth (hahahaha get it?) and nail. She insists on being held until she's deep in the realms of REM sleep. And even then putting her down is a huge gamble. Attempts to let her cry it out and self-soothe have not been going well since she gets so congested after all the crying that she can't breathe.

To make matters worse, I drove around Ogden during Monday night's snow storm trying to find teething tablets. I'd been advised that they work wonders so I was determined to find something to help everyone in the Pink House sleep. My local Smith's didn't have any, so I headed to Wal-Mart. They failed me too. I called Kev so he could give me the numbers for ShopKo and Target. That's when I found out about the recall on teething tablets. I thought perhaps it was just of a specific brand or batch, but it turns out the product as a whole was recalled in October due to the potential link between it's use and belladonna poisoning.


Reports I've read don't site any specific cases of overdoses causing harm, but there is a lot of talk about the tablets because of inconsistency in dosage amounts. The FDA doesn't regulate the tablets because they are considered homeopathic. With that freedom, the manufacturer doesn't seem to put much thought into managing the production to ensure that each tablet contains the same amount of belladonna.

On Tuesday it took two hours to soothe Aspen into taking a half hour nap. She was so exhausted that she wouldn't settle down. Sitting up made her cry, laying down made her cry, eating didn't do the trick, toys were useless, and even petting the elusive puppy dog wasn't satisfying.

This afflictions will be short-lived, but in the meantime I'm losing my mind listening to all the screaming. It's normal for her to be this upset if her mouth is hurting, but I still find it difficult to tune out the screams and maintain some sanity.

What have you tried with your teething infant? I'm about one more napless-day away from rubbing rum on Aspen's gums.


  1. Baby Orajel! For sure. You can usually get a two pack that has a nighttime formula and a daytime formula. That is all we ever used on Aubrey. Wondering if it works? Put a little on your tongue and you will find out!It completely numbs the painful area. We loved it.

  2. I have heard, but have never tried, amber teething necklaces work well. It's not something they chew on. You put it around their neck and supposedly the amber relieves the swelling and discomfort.

    As for me and my babe, we just ride it out with the help of baby Motrin. And yeah, it is tough.

  3. I have heard there's this stuff you get at Slumber Parties (I know, racy :) that really works wonders because it is really concentrated benzocaine (I think that is what it is, try googling it). But I have heard from quite a few people that it works really well and is the same stuff as Baby Orajel, just more concentrated so it works better and still safe! Good luck, teething is no fun :(

  4. I recommend Baby Motrin over Tylenol. It lasts longer and I think it has a better effect. I am so sorry she has been so sad. I really hope it is short lived and that she really is teething so all this screaming wasn't in vain. Good luck!

  5. My Doctor said it was ok to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen, which was a LIFE SAVER with 4 top front teeth coming in at the same time. We also got one of those mesh feeders and put frozen peaches in it for his bottom teeth, he liked it.

  6. It's such a bummer those teething tablets are no longer. We loved those. Drugs are good, and Baby Orajel works but boy is it rough to get it anywhere near the gems when they're screaming and hollering.


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