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Thursday, March 03, 2011

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it

When Kev proposed to me at the base of a frozen waterfall in December 2005, he didn't give me a ring. He said some really sweet and mushy stuff about being in love and having babies and then some hikers took our photos.

It. Was. Awesome.

I wasn't wearing any makeup and I had a runny nose. I was wearing like, fifty layers of clothes and sneakers to hike in the snow. But I knew I had to make it to the waterfall because deep inside my little heart I hoped Kev would propose to me at the top of the trail (the same trail on which we met in June 2005).

What if he hadn't proposed? Dude, I'da been pisssssssssssed. It was frickin' freezing!

I eventually got to pick out a ring with him about a month later, and it was fun. Kev has a good eye, and he actually suggested the diamond setting that we went with.

When Kev and I got married in June 2006, I didn't give him a ring. We flew to San Francisco for a honeymoon and while wandering around in Chinatown, we spotted some stainless steel rings at a vendor. We haggled the price down to something ridiculous like $12. TWELVE DOLLARS, PEOPLE.

I am so cheap.

But Kev loves his ring and I love mine (and I'm so glad it still fits after having Aspen). I don't have a wedding band but who really needs one when you've got a nice diamond hanging out on your finger?

How did you get engaged? Did you get a ring on the spot? Was it a surprise? I love hearing your stories, so please share!


  1. I love all your fun posts when you asked other people to share their stories. Shad proposed to me at Beus pond which was where we first met, had our first kiss. He insisted we go on a walk to Beus after our institute class. Personally I think Beus is a little creepy at night so we didnt walk very far in & then he proposed. I was pretty shocked because I was wondering if or when he asked my dad to marry me because you know Shad he is super quiet & shy.

    We looked at rings I found a few I liked at Morgan jewelers. We ended up getting it from Richards Jewelers a family owned business, my family all recommended them. I showed Shad the ring I liked but how I would change it so he customized my ring. I really wanted all princess cut so we were up at his cousins wedding in Idaho & I mentioned something about wanting them all to be princess cut just to make sure he knew.

  2. i too love these posts where you ask us to share!

    vince and i had been talking for months about getting married, but i didn't really know when he was going to pop the question. we had gone ring shopping before -- i am very particular and wanted to make sure he knew what type or style i wanted. i didn't want just the standard ring that every girl has.

    one friday afternoon, i was at work when a random stranger came up to me and asked if i was mary -- she then gave me a note & flower, which sent me on a scavenger hunt all over SLC at different spots that had special meaning to us & our relationship, until it ended at the institute building we met at where vince sang me a beautiful song, then got down on one knee and proposed. it was the perfect proposal for me!

  3. We pretty much decided to get married when I went with him to meet his family in Nebraska, but I didn't get my ring for about a month. We had gone looking at rings and I showed him what I like, and then left it up to him to pick out what he wanted. Then on the night he gave me the ring, he got down on his knee. I already had found my dress by then, and we already had set up the sealing at the temple, but it was still awesome to have him get down on his knee and do it all official like. He gave me a rose and everything. It was super awesome. Then we went to Rodizios, where we went on our first date. I kind of suspected that he was going to give me the ring that night, since we rarely went on dates as it was. But what is wrong with that? I was able to make sure I looked extra awesome.

  4. I love how all three of your stories involve getting engaged where you first met or had your first date! Our men think alike.

  5. Jeff and I had been talking for months about getting married but he never officially proposed. I got so frustrated because I didn't want to start making 'for sure' plans until I had a ring on my finger. I got mad at him one night because he kept talking about us getting married. I started crying. He felt horrible but what I didn't know is that he was going to ask me in like 2 days and he already had everything planned.

    We went to his Grandma's barn (its a really really nice barn) and had a candlelit dinner in the loft,and looked at the horses, it was romantic, and then he wanted me to look at a children's book. I thought he was weird but I did it. He had changed the entire book into inside jokes we had and stuff about our first date, etc. Then the last page asked me to marry him (I have this book in a special spot on our bookshelf and I love looking at it still). When I looked up he was on his knee with a ring in his hand.

    And he picked out the ring himself. I wanted him to do it. I told him I wanted something simple and princess cut but that was it. I have always thought it was romantic to have your husband be the one who picks out the ring. He did a really good job. It was perfect :)

  6. So I totally knew when Matt was going to propose, he is not necessarily subtle about some things. My sister was graduating from college and I wanted to go to her graduation and Matt told me "no I want to go to Beus Pond that night" So we had been talking about getting married and had even been ring shopping so once he said that I knew he was going to propose that night. Matt is an avid hunter and Beus Pond is one of his favorite places to go so I honestly have to say I didn't love how he did it but it was him and I love him so it was good enough for me!

  7. I sent you an invite and I found your blog on Sheri's. Your blog is so fun. I thought no one blogged anymore and I love too.

    Anywho, my husband and I met on the first day of high school back in 1999. We dated all through high school. Don't get me wrong we had our moments, but we made it. Close to 2 years after graduation we knew that we wanted to spend our lives together. So for my 20th birthday a present was to finally set a date. We decided on August 12, 2004. Andrew made minimum wage at the time and my ring had to be paid 70% before he could take it home. It took a few months, but by April 2004 he had done just that.

    Andrew sucks at keeping secrets so he pretty much told me the day he was to propose. It would not have been much of a surprise anyways because 80% of our wedding was planned and paid for.

    But on April 3, 2004 he took me to SLC to the Olive Garden (my fav). He ate I was so nervous I barely had an appetite. Then we headed to Temple Square. Sounds cliche, but our story is a little different. We were to wed civilly at first. So he took me to the Temple and grabbed my hand and while looking up he said, "I promise to bring you here someday." Then I was really nervous and said, "Please don't propose in front of everyone." So we went to the No. Visiting center and he propsed. Of course I said, "YES!"

    On Dec 2, 2005 Andrew fulfilled his promised and took me through the Ogden Temple. Sadly 2 years later he decided that he did not believe in Temple marriage and has not been back. (Just in case you were wondering why he is never at church) He has more Christian based beliefs. He believes we will be a forever family no matter what. Thank goodness much prayer and fast I know that he is the one I still want the chance to be with forever. The good completely outweighs that one sad aspect of my life. I don't know why I am even saying all of this, but I know people at church wonder. Only a few have dared to ask.

  8. Loved all the other stories of propsal. Such sweet men. I am just happy that marriage gets better and better with each passing year. I wonder how long everyone has been married. We are coming up on 7 years this Aug.


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