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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It takes a village

To combat Aspen's month of screaming, I implemented an extremely structured schedule focused on stuffing her to bursting with food.

I had a LOT of success. She usually ate on a 2-ish hour schedule, but some mornings she seemed fine to go longer. Taking advice from other moms (thank you!) I decided to nix the long mornings and feed her regardless of her behavior.

Aspen seems to be doing a lot better, and so are my ears. She now has less to cry about, and I won't be reported to Child and Family Services for hating my child. I know fussiness is normal and I can accept that. I'm okay with whining when it's nap time, or when I'm changing her diaper. It was just the ear-piercing screams I needed to eliminate from my days.

She still nurses at least 4 times every day (with one of those "nursings" being expressed milk with cereal before bed) and I upped her solid food intake to 3 times every day instead of just 2. I also add rice cereal to her solids at least one of the times she eats. Last week Aspen also mastered puffs, which are those delightful, dissolving snacks for little ones. She absolutely loves them, as well as Mum Mums (another dissolving snack), which Milo was so nice to share with her on St. Patrick's day.

Teaching Aspen to feed herself these no-mess snacks is going to be so helpful when we fly to Maine. She concentrates so hard on getting the little puffs into her hands and then finding her mouth and it keeps her happy and occupied. It's unbelievable to watch her learn so quickly. It's also nice to sit at the table with her and have my hands free to eat my own meal while she entertains herself with Mum Mums or puffs. Score!

To all the moms who came forward with advice and expressions of empathy, thank you. It's been a hard month, but it seems like we're getting things straightened out over here at the Pink House.


  1. That is good to hear. I'm glad you have found a solution to her screaming.

  2. puffs are definitely nice on the airplane i hear........anna and i are flying in 2 weeks - ill let you know how it goes. this is her 4th time flying - it usually goes good but we aren't flying across the country (;


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