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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knock knock jokes

On three different occasions, I've heard someone knocking on my front door in the morning.

The first time, it was like, 4 or 6am and I made Kev get up and check. He took a baseball bat with him (be ye warned!) and found nothing.

The second time, it was like, 8am and I got up to open the door and see WTF was up and found nothing.

The third time, I ignored it, even though Maddie was growling under the covers.

Kev keeps suggesting things it could be instead of me "imagining" that someone is knocking on the door. We live right outside a condo community and Kev thinks perhaps someone is knocking on one of their doors, which would be just a few dozen feet from our bedroom. He has also suggested that I'm hearing the neighbor's car rev up and the engine knocking (which it does). And Kev has also suggested that I'm dreaming it.

But if I'm dreaming it, how come Maddie hears it too? She growls every time I hear it. I guess it's just one of those mysteries of life that you never solve. UNTIL I STAKE OUT MY FRONT DOOR AND CATCH YOU!!


  1. Someone a few weeks ago knocked on our door--hard--and when we went to the door, we saw someone leaving in a car, but nothing was on our porch and no one was there...

  2. That is creepy. Good thing Kev has a baseball bat.


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