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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Money is money, right?

I went to Weber State during the day to attend a Yoga class as part of an evaluation program in the Fitness Department. What this boils down to is I had to find a place to park during regular school hours. I no longer have a parking pass (I don't even want to know how expensive they are now) so I usually park in the pay lot. The last time I did this, I was there until after it closed, but no one decided to give me a notice to pay for the time I was there. Sweet!

So, when I attended this Yoga class, I was hopeful I'd once again get out without having to pay. Is that wrong? I have a hard time feeling guilty because I spent SO MUCH MONEY going to Weber as a student. How much more do they want from me?!

Anyway, I didn't get out without getting a friendly reminder that I owe for parking in the lot for fifteen minutes of metered time. Fifteen minutes. That seems a little ridiculous. But, not wanting to ignore the notice, I searched my car for enough spare change to pay the fee.

I pulled up to the drop box for after-hours payment and could not manage to stuff my little envelope into it. Seems to me if they really wanted their money, they'd make an opening big enough for an envelope full of pennies.

What? Pennies are real money! It was all I had in my car!

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  1. Pennies are money and that's all they deserve. I am right there with you, after I have given them tuition (out of state for two years no less), they can have pennies and like them!


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