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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, month 8


The first week of March, right in the new-ness of your 8th month, you started rolling across the room. I was like, whoa. Just like that. Whoa. I couldn't believe I suddenly had a mobile baby.

Your personality is shining these days. You're so happy to play with your family and friends and you're also happy to sometimes sit by yourself with some toys and play. It's so nice. I'm so glad we're able to go to playgroup once a week, and that you get to hang out at Zjani's house too. It's so good for you to play with other kids and to trust other grown-ups. Miss Meliss adores you so much she asks to babysit you. So many people love you; don't forget that!

You and I went to Provo this month to meet your new "sissy," Leilani. You were so fussy that Mama only got to hold the new baby for a few minutes before having to take you out of the room. We drove all the way to Provo to hang out in a hospital lobby. Fun! I do have to give a shout out to the Utah Valley Regional nurses because they hooked us up with a free binky when I realized yours was about three miles away in the car. Despite the short visit with Lalli (one of her many nicknames) we did have a great time with your Aunty Sophia who played with you and made you laugh and cheered you right the heck up. I guess you just don't like hospitals. Or being replaced by a tinier, cuter, newer baby. C'est la vie, my little one.

We still love food in our house. I've enjoyed watching your sour faces when you try new things. You love mango, applesauce, squash and sweet potatoes, peas, beans, pears, cherries, pureed chicken (gag), peaches, mummums and are getting the hang of drinking water from your sippy. I like letting you bang your cup around while I clean up lunch and you seem to like it too. Before I know it, you'll be emptying my cupboards and smashing pots together.

Mama is so grateful for the extremely manageable sleep schedule you're following most nights. It's been a struggle, but usually I can put you down between 8 and 9pm and not see your smiling face again until 6am. Some mornings it's 8 or 9. I love you for it!

Something else you do that amazes me and Daddy is whistle. It's the cutest thing ever. Your aunts and uncles witnessed it in Provo and couldn't get over it. You almost never stop cooing, and "G" is the first and only consonant sound you make. Sucking up to my mom, are you? I'll tell you right now, that's a pretty good plan. We're going to visit her and JackJack next month so pack your bags kid. It's going to be a wild ride.

We have had some struggles this month, and I can't figure out if you're teething or tired or hungry or what. It's made me feel CRAZY but hopefully it's a phase that will conclude soon. I can't take much more screaming this month. We're starting a more aggressive feeding regime, and that better do the trick!
I can't believe you've been alive for as long as I knew I was pregnant. November 2009 seems like so freakin long ago. And even though this month has been harder than the last couple, I really wouldn't give you away (I was just kidding when I said that). I know Daddy and I are blessed by your presence and we can learn a lot from you. We are thankful to have you, and hope that you'll forgive our shortcomings as your parents. Now, if you could just stop screaming...


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  1. she looks adorable!!! I hope things get better :) you can do it!!!

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