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Thursday, March 10, 2011

There are two kinds of people in this world...

When I had Aspen's photos taken at Sears around her 5-month birthday, I visited for a few minutes with the mother of a newborn.

She was all, "oh I love this snuggly little newborn stage. Everything is so sweet and I enjoy it so much."

Then I was all, "oh I hated the newborn stage. It made me feel like a crazy person."

Then she was all, *blink* ... *blink*

Yup. Mighty fine conversation we had there about babies.

The memories of Aspen's first few weeks are getting less painful, but I still thank the heavens above she didn't get permanently stuck in that stage of life. You know, like in Groundhog Day or something.

I'll never, ever forget how horrible it was when she wouldn't eat. She wouldn't eat with me, and she wouldn't eat from a bottle (probably because the formula we received from the hospital was recalled DUE TO BUGS). I'll never, ever forget how horrible it was when she wouldn't sleep. She would lay swaddled in her bouncy chair and Kev or I would fall asleep rocking that stupid thing with one hand. I'll never, ever forget how horrible it was when she wouldn't stop screaming. Thankfully, it was only on an occasional bad day, but it was enough to make me want to peel my ears off my head and swallow them whole.

What I'm trying to say is that for me, having a newborn was the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life. So if your newborn is driving you crazy, then I'm the gal to call. I won't judge. I won't think you're a bad parent. I won't tell you not to worry.

I will listen. And I will show you Aspen, who is living proof that newborns grow up. And so will you.


  1. LOVE this! It is so true. BUT I will say, I hope things are better with your next one. Riley was easy peasy and I really had no issues and loved ALL stages with him. My poor little miss Addie on the other hand...ya, not so bueno. The newborn stage has been HARD and I haven't loved it. I love HER, but each day that passes is one out of the newborn stage and into an older stage haha...things are much better in the last few days though...knock on wood. I love you Liv! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. At six months I really started enjoying being a mom. Before that it was a major struggle. Love that you share all of your experiences.


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