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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weak sauce!

Yesterday I misplaced my glasses sometime between Aspen's 7:30 feeding and her real wake up call a little later in the morning.

I hate looking for my glasses. It's so stupid. I'm blind! A few years ago I was looking for my glasses and ended up stepping on them. Broke them real good. But being poor, I wore those broken glasses for at least a year. Maybe almost two. Then my brothers donated to the "buy Livia new glasses fund" and I got a new pair.

This time around, I not only had to worry about crushing my glasses, but I also had a hollering baby who wanted out of her crib. STRESSSSSSSS. I'm so blind that I can't even see Aspen clearly when I'm breast feeding her. I hate feeding her when I don't have my glasses or contact lenses. So there I am, crawling around on the floor, calling out to Aspen that I'll be right there, all the while trying not to kneel on my stupid lost glasses.

Then I had a bright idea- Kev's glasses! He keeps them safely tucked in their case on his nightstand. So I stole them.

And man, is he so NOT blind. It was like wearing fake glasses. I mean, they did help enough that I could see Aspen while she was nursing, and I could change her diaper without accidently putting it on her head... but oh boy I am way more blind than Kev.

However, his glasses were good enough to help me find mine clear under the bed. I have no idea how they ended up there, but from now on I'm putting them in their case at night. No more of this foolishness.


  1. LOL! I didn't even know you wore glasses!

  2. I know where you can get lasik ;-)
    It's awesome.

  3. I try not to lose mine, I'm blind as a bat. I do need a new pair, I just can't bring myself to pay that price.


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