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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy

Aspen has been doing awesome with eating lately. It's fun to watch her face turn orange as we miss her mouth and end up smearing food on her cheeks.

We're sticking with BeechNut foods since 1) they're free with WIC, and 2) they're the most-natural food I've found.

My question to you parents is this: when did you start introducing more grown up foods to your infant? So far Penny hasn't had any food from my plate; her diet is solely mashed/pureed foods in addition to breast milk.

I'd like her to be able to have snacks when we fly to Maine since it'll keep her occupied and full, but I worry about too much too soon, y'know? She'll be going on 9 months when we fly, and her motor skills are awesome (for picking up treats!) so I'm thinking of just going for it. She doesn't have any teeth though and that's what's holding me back.

What was your experience introducing finger foods? Did you start with little puffs? Yogurt melts? Bread? I'd love to hear about your journey from baby's milk-only diet to solids.


  1. I cant really remember when we started giving Bailee more of our food maybe a few months ago? I'd just try giving her little things to see how she would do. She gagged on small pieces of meat for a while. But she loves mandarin oranges, peas things that are small enough for her to eat but can pick up.

    Some of her favorite snacks are the puffs, yogurt melts. Recently we tried the "little fruits" they are freeze dried apples, bananas & strawberries that are little cubes they dissolve in their mouth. All those treats dissolve so I dont think you would need to worry about her not having teeth.

  2. I started giving Makai the puffs when we're eating dinner. He LOVES them and he's starting to get really good at grabbing them. It's sooo cute to watch his little mouth chew and smack his lips. They dissolve really easy and he hasn't had any gagging problems.

  3. I agree with the other ladies, those puff things are good. Cheerios are good too. I liked the freeze dried fruit that were mentioned. Bread might be too much. It doesn't dissolve as quickly. Let her get used to kind of chewing before you go for bread. I loved Beechnut as well. They are the cheapest and the most healthy, like you said. If they have any of the dissolvable foods, go for it. As far as off your own plate, start with mushy stuff, like mashed potatos or little things, like the peas. My doctors just emphasized introducing one food at a time, so it is easier to tell what they are allergic to, if they have any food allergies. Good luck.

  4. Milo has always wanted to eat of our plate, which at first fun, now can be annoying. :) He is always begging for our food, he he. One thing I would suggest, and definitely a plane treat would be Baby Mum Mums. They are rice crackers that easily dissolve and the best part, THERE IS NO MESS!! They are my favorite go to out and about snacks because I love the no mess factor.

  5. Hadley loved(still loves) the yogurt drops and the star puffs! They are so handy!

  6. before you go on the trip try her out on some different snacks, every kid is different. Some kids can totally eat a whole graham cracker at 9 months, others can hardly eat the mashed food, so try her out on some easy stuff first like the yogurt melts or the puffs, since they dissolve in the mouth fairly quickly, and if she does well with that you could even try something a little more solid, some kids, even withou teeth, are really good at just gumming their food until it is soft enough for them to mush up and swallow. So just go for it and see how she does :)


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