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Monday, April 11, 2011

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Flying with an infant, I didn't think I'd have any time to read on the plane or in the airport during my layovers. Fortunately, Aspen did sleep the majority of each plane ride, which left me holding a deliciously snuggly baby... but I was bored. I couldn't access my headphones to enjoy the in-flight entertainment, nor could I get into my bag for snacks.

While I'm extremely grateful I had a sleeping baby on my lap, it would have been nice to have something to read besides the SkyMall magazine (how many weird gadgets can they find for that thing?!).

Jess left an Elle magazine for me, and my mom said I can take her copy of Les Miserables, which I found in the guest room and started reading. I have a habit of doing that when I visit my parents. I get bored (they don't have TV) and find a book to read. I usually don't finish it during my trip, so they let me take it home. Now that they both have iPads, what do they need real books for anyway?

So, I figure that since I have reading material for the trip home, Aspen will probably be awake the entire time. That's the way it goes, right?

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