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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The best things in life should come in twos.

Even though looking at Cortney's amazing photos of my friends' twins makes my heart melt into a little puddle in my tummy, I'm so glad I don't have twins. I'm obviously barely capable of caring for ONE baby. Cortney runs Bouncin' Baby Photography and I'm grateful we've been able to get to know each other a little bit through the blog world. If you're interested in getting photos taken of your little one(s) (perhpaps in time for Easter?!), definitely contact Bouncin' Baby Photography now! Spring babies are so lucky since the weather is finally turning and the light will be simply delicious.


  1. Ok, shut the heck up. I know that we tend to over-use phrases like 'takes my breath away' or 'I'm speechless' but here's the thing: those babies leave me WITHOUT SPEECH. I mean, for real. It's like an elephant is sitting on my heart and it might explode, but in a good way. A love elephant.

    Does this mean I need a new, smaller baby?

  2. There are gorgeous, aren't they? And get this, a BOY and a GIRL.

    Yes, you probably need a new, smaller version of bug. Or maybe you need TWO more. hahahahahaha


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