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Friday, April 29, 2011

Le Salon

My mom loves horses. She and my sister have been avid riders for as long as I can remember. Me? Well, I quit in elementary school after getting bit on the ribs by a horse.

I'm a chicken.

Also, I quit just about everything (soccer, guitar lessons, singing, tennis, you name it!).

In the casual living room at my mom's house, there's a lot of horsey stuff. Kev gave her the class horse busts on the windowsill, and my sister made the wooden horse clock that hangs above the rocking horse.

I love that my mom has an old typewriter like I do. There's just something pleasing about seeing a heavy old machine sitting all pretty on a shelf. I can guarantee no one will ever prop up an old iPad and get the same effect in their living room.

Do you have anything in particular that you collect?


  1. What an awesome rocking horse! I love it. I bet Aspen liked riding it too.

  2. I somehow started collecting old hats. I think it began when my grandma was cleaning out her closet and found a bunch of my grandpa's old hats. From there, people started giving me hats they'd found in THEIR closets, at rummage sales, etc.

    They come in handy when my brother and his wife come over and we play Rock Band. Nothing like belting out "Total Eclipse of the Heart" while wearing a vintage feather hat!


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