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Friday, April 15, 2011

A little bling in the dining room


I was pretty excited when I found it in town for so cheap. Aspen likes to suck on it.

New to my mom's dining room is the fish on the dining room sideboard. I don't ask questions about the items that pop up. Especially when they're fishy. I mean, they live in New England, so it's only fitting, right? The painting is The Prayer at Valley Forge, by Arnold Friberg. Marc gave it to Gail a couple of years ago for Christmas and I'm happy to see it in a place of prominence. They used to have a broken piano in this spot... Which was weird because 1) it was broken and 2) no one in my family really plays the piano.

A theme in my mom's house (besides "New England") is plants. She has this big guy in one of the dining room windows, and like, ten others throughout the rest of the house. It makes the six tiny house plants I have look like blades of grass in comparison.

I just can't keep things alive!

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