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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, month 9


HOLY COW WE FLEW IN AIRPLANES THIS MONTH!! I told Daddy we need to get our own plane because all the white noise from the engines proved to help you sleep like a champ. It was so fun to take you to Maine with me so you could hang out in a different time zone with your grandparents. You're a great shopping buddy too. So tolerant of Mama's frequent stops. I did it for you, baby! I don't want you to be nakie when you outgrow your current wardrobe, so I hooked you up with some new stuff on the cheap.

While in Maine you put your bare feet in the sand and in the Atlantic Ocean. You didn't like either of those things. But that's okay. I just needed to do it. You also took a long walk around Winslow Park, where Mama spent a lot of time growing up. In Maine, you hung out with Zoe-dog and she liked you a lot. Too much. Baci liked you less, but enough. I'm so glad you enjoy puppies! When I brought you home to Utah, Maddie didn't even care about me. I let her out of the basement and she made a beeline straight for YOU!! She wanted to sniff you and love on you and make sure you were safe. She missed you while you were gone. And so did Daddy.

This month you have shown an interest in crawling. You're a big tease though. You hang out on your belly and lift that booty into the air. I'm so nervous for you to be mobile. We have A LOT of books and videos that you're going to constantly rearrange in the living room. C'est la vie.

Mama's been giving you all sorts of new foods this month. You had fresh Maine blueberries at GG's house, and she bought you yogurt too! Spoiled baby. You're also eating noodles, bread, cheerios, avocado, potatoes and all sorts of new fruit combinations. It's so annoying to feed you because you spit a lot. Stop that, k?

I also need you to stop licking the dog. It's just really disgusting.

You mimic me and Dadday a lot more now, miming our hand motions and makings sounds like us. I think you're growling a lot too. Or grunting in a growling-like way. Usually it's between bites of food, so it's especially hilarious. YOU'RE A HUNGRY BEAR!

Man, how much are we going to talk about food? Apparently a lot. You eat a lot. And I'm glad.

I love you my little boo-boo-ba-choo. I'm so glad we went to Maine, and tried new food, and that you're becoming more mobile (eeks!), and you're sleeping okay, and you're screaming less, and you're preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty cute.

Love, love, love,


  1. I cant believe she is nine months! One of Bailees favorites are blueberries & she tries to lick the dogs too the worst is when they give each other wet slobbery kisses with their tongue.

  2. I can't believe she is nine months already! I can't believe I have been gone from Welch that long! She is getting so big. And I am glad that she is starting to scream less and sleep more for you!


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