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Friday, April 01, 2011

Rule breaker

My living room has been a mess all week. Between Aspen's and Maddie's toys, my shoes, my jewelry-making supplies, the cluttered computer desk and the camping chairs (what?! why?!) in the corner, it's a little overwhelming. It's the definition of a living room. We do everything in here.

Another rule I'm breaking (you know, keeping your front room clean is a must when it's the first room your guests see!) is wearing a tank dress with a white shirt underneath. Supposedly it's a faux-pas to layer in such a way. It's like, a frumpy status symbol, I guess.

But I felt fabulous and fresh in my outfit in my messy living room. Screw you, rules!


  1. I think the T-shirt/sundress combo is perfectly acceptable and quite cute. So, hey, Rules? Shut up.

  2. I love your outfit. My living room is always a mess. Jesse is now a whirlwind of destruction. I am a tad embarassed to open my door at times, but then I remember, "My child was exploring and having fun." There is a difference bewtween filth and lived in. I like to think we fall into the 'lived in' category.

  3. You look really cute in that outfit!! Such a great combo, the shirt and the dress!!

    Monique xx


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