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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two birthdays, one hospitalization, one trip to Connecticut and three lobsters.

My grandpa Vito went to the hospital Friday, the day after his 92nd birthday and the day before my 27th. My parents drove from Maine to Connecticut on Saturday morning in order to keep a him company and ensure that his ailment wasn't too serious. That meant Jess and I were left to our own devices on my birthday.

We opted to skip cake and ice cream and instead just enjoyed walking around town, watching a movie and playing with Aspen. For dinner I cooked some lobster and watched Jess try it for the first time. I'm pretty sure I had eaten my entire sea bug before Jess had a chance to fully break hers open. She didn't love it, but that just meant my parents had some leftovers they could enjoy when they got back into town.

More importantly, Vito is alright. As of Tuesday when I left Maine, he was still in the hospital but had progressed to eating more solid food. We're all hopeful he'll be back home soon. He kept telling his nurses about his upcoming trip to Utah. He'll be flying with Gail and Marc when they come out for my niece's blessing next month. This will be his first time in Utah since 1996! And it'll be the first time he meets both of his great-granddaughters. I'm so excited for him.

Despite the somewhat scary hospitalization the trip to Maine was awesome. The weather really held out for us and we got to enjoy so much time outside, whether in town browsing the shops or out and about taking pictures by the water. I'm so grateful Jeshua graciously offered his voucher to me so this trip was affordable. Aspen was able to enjoy lots of attention from her grandparents and the dogs and it was a great experience for me to get out of the normal routine of the pink house.

I didn't bring my camera cord with me, so be prepared for many posts to come with some gorgeous photos of Aspen. Oh, and of the beach too. And perhaps some of gail's amazing house. And expect to see a brief fashion show of some of my birthday presents. Gail and I had a bit of a shopping spree when we saw all those jeans at GAP for half off.


  1. Thats too bad about your grandpa but glad he is ok. By the way so sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday. Thats crazy your grandpa hasnt been to UT since 96 how fun for him to see he's two sweet little great grand daughters. Have a safe trip back.

  2. I'm glad your grandpa is okay and that you had a great vacation. I hope the flight home goes as well as the one out to Maine.


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