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Sunday, April 10, 2011

While Utah suffered through snow, Penny touched down at the beach.

I took my daughter to the beach where I grew up. It's also the beach to which I took my daycare kids the summer I graduated from high school. It's the same beach both of my brothers spent their summers as well, as children and again as counselors.

And even though the water is freezing and the wind was a little nippy that day, it was so thrilling to dip Penny's little toes into the water and to let her sit in the sand.

I'm so glad we're in Maine, and that the weather has been beautiful. We've been able to enjoy walks in town and more than one visit to the beach.

Penny is one lucky little lady.

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  1. Im jealous I'd love to be somewhere with a beach! You picked the perfect time to go to Maine since Utah seems to think its winter.

    Thanks for your sweet comments, they made me feel better & especially thanks for not telling me not to worry about it & that she will do it when she's ready. Have a safe trip back we will miss you on Tuesday but hopefully catch you on the next playgroup.


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