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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zebra is definitely her color.

Why did I not know that Harry Potter came out on DVD last Friday? I caught the info on someone's Facebook status and almost peed my pants.

I had a credit at Hastings, so I decided to get some errands done in that part of town. that meant I had to make up some errands in that part of town.

Cue Maddie!!

Her nails were clicky clacky on the linoleum so I decided to take her to get a trim at PetCo, which is next door to Hastings. I'm so smart.

The girls and I loaded ourselves into the car and I dropped Maddie at PetCo while I walked over to find my lover-boy Ron in his newest film.

When Aspen and I went to pick up our Maddie-dog, she was all gussied up! Courtesy of the nail tech, Maddie had a smashing bandana and a delightful puppy perfume spritzed around her neck.

All at no extra charge.

Dang, PetCo. Thanks for such a nice treat.


  1. Maddie looks so cute in her bandanna. We tried buying clippers to cut the dogs nails & they sucked they wouldnt even cut they probably need theirs trimmed too but hey I walk them a lot of the summer to wear them down :) My friend at work was telling me Harry Potter had come out too Im surprised I found out through her & not sooner from someone else.


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