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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative reading

Standing in my bedroom last night, I could hear Aspen calming down while Kev held her and talked to her. She started freaking out for no obvious reason and I was in a rush to get ready for a Yoga class, so Kev took over baby duties.

When I finished changing my clothes, I walked to the hallway and stood outside Aspen's room to listen as Kev read Aspen a bedtime story. He usually doesn't like reading to her because he says he doesn't know how to do it right. From what I could hear last night, it sounded like he was doing just fine.

Aspen stopped crying completely as Kev read to her about the sailboats, lobsters, and beaches of Maine. I heard him encouraging her to turn the pages (even though she usually does it backwards) and heard him pointing out all the different things in the pictures.

When Kev got to the end of the book, he didn't let that stop him from enjoying his special bonding moment with his daughter. I listened to him read all of the book's publishing information, including the ISBN and price tag.

I have got to do something amazing for Father's Day now.


  1. That is just too sweet. Those are the moments you wish you had video of forever so you could re-live it over and over. :)

  2. That is definitely a heart melting experience. How cute is that?!


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