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Monday, May 09, 2011

Family, it's about time.

It was really nice to have the whole family together, for the first time in so long.

This trip to Utah is probably what gave my grandpa a reason to get out of the hospital. He kept telling the nurses how excited he was for his visit to see his new great-grand babies.

We took some photos in the Pink House on their last night with us. When it was time to go, Grandpa Vito had Aspen in his lap and he looked so very sad. He asked why they had to go already.

I am so grateful Aspen got to meet Vito, even if she doesn't remember this time with him. I'll remember it, and so will Vito. He held her while she ate, he held her while she squirmed, he held her and played peek-a-boo, he held her and snuggled.

I know it was quite the adventure getting a 92-year-old across the country for such a quick trip, so I'm especially grateful my parents took on the task and got Vito here for this occasion. Hopefully we can make arrangements to see each other again soon.

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  1. That's impressive that he could travel down here. Those pictures with her Great Grandpa will be priceless.


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