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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Shining, shimmering, splendid

I didn't think I could get out of bed. I opened my eyes and saw the clock read 5:11am. I still had 19 more minutes to relax on my pillow. I hate cheating myself out of sleep.

Thankfully, the baby wasn't making any sounds as I got myself ready. I washed my face, put in my contacts and sipped some juice. Maddie took a quick trip outside and I saw the glow of sunshine bursting forth behind the mountains. I love the view from my house.

Once Maddie was safely back in bed with Kev, I tiptoed out of the house and slipped into the car. I made this same drive every morning for over a year (although a little later in the morning back then). Back then, it used to make me feel heavy and sick. It was like driving to my own execution. There were so many times I wanted to just stop. Take a wrong turn and go somewhere else. But this morning I was in better spirits. I was going by choice. I had flip flops instead of high heels on my feet.

I pulled into an all-too-familiar parking lot and walked into an all-too-familiar building. You know the smells of places? Like, just smells? Not good or bad. They bring memories back so quickly and fiercely you feel them.

Oh man. That's what happened to me this morning. I walked up the basement steps to the first floor and entered the lobby. But instead of going straight to an old office, I turned the corner and went in the other direction.

I didn't do anything monumental this morning. I just went back to my old stomping grounds (where I spent about 6 years of my life) and ran into some old memories. Instead of sitting behind a desk, answering phones, letting students into their rooms, and dealing with the usual chaos that is student housing, I just let myself into a gym and taught a Pilates class.

It may seem anti-climactic that a Pilates class is what this leads up to. But you guys. That building. My old boss. I encountered both this morning.

Having time for just myself is worth it though. I get back home before Kev and Aspen are awake for the day. I can shower and sit in the house without anyone needing anything. Next week I'll lure Kev out of bed a little early with some warm breakfast. This summer, Wednesday mornings will be our special mornings together. We'll get to spend some time together as a family before Kev heads off to work. And it won't just be him popping his head into Aspen's room for a goodbye kiss while I'm getting Aspen out of her crib or nursing her.

Although it's an early-morning for me, and it's a chance that every week I'll bump into my old boss, I think it's going to be worth it.


  1. sounds like it will be a win-win situation! and you can just tell your old boss to suck it ;)

  2. I can't wait for a day as a family that does not involve Andrew just getting a quick kiss from Jesse and I or leaving before we even awake. Enjoy the family moments. I need to come and take a class from you.


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