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Friday, May 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, Month 10

Henny Penny Poo Pants-


You're like, old. I can't believe how great this is... this whole, "growing up" thing. You're such a little person now, as opposed to the little blob you used to be.

You got yourself a nasty cold this month, but your mood was rather delightful the entire time. The only part of this month's sickness that made me want to drop to the floor crying was when Daddy and I tried to put you to bed. You were like HECK, NO PEOPLE!! I guess when you're sick you like to stay up three hours past bedtime and hang out. It was just hard because Mama and Daddy wanted to watch Prison Break, and that's impossible to do while you're awake. It's okay though, I guess we can sacrifice TV time to play with you.

One of your most-favorite things as you get older is to pretend to walk. You love nothing more than to have someone hold your hands and walk you around. It's the cutest thing ever to watch you kick those chubby little legs out and take steps. When you're on all fours, you find yourself scooting backwards but no crawling yet. That's fine by me because we haven't baby-proofed.

Books are pretty much your favorite, next to your toy cell phone that speaks Spanish. If you're fussing, I just open up a book and read to you, and it often cheers you right up. I love that! Mama and Daddy both love books, so we're going to get along real well.

Your cousin Lalli packed up and moved east with her parents for the summer, but that's okay because once they all move back, she'll be way more fun to play with. Mama's excited for visits with them so you two girls can hang out. I'm glad you got to hold her in your lap before she left.

This month Mama began teaching an early-morning class, and when I get home we all sit at the table together and have breakfast. You love scrambled eggs with cheesey cheese just as much as Daddy. It's so fun to have that time together, and I probably sound like a broken record when I tell Daddy how glad I am that he gets to have these moments with us. He works a lot because he loves you a lot, Penny. But he also tries to spend a lot of time with you so he doesn't miss a thing.

Speaking of family, you met your Great-Grandpa Vito this month. He's 92 years old and he flew across the country with GG and JackJack so he could hold you and Lalli and marvel at how great you girls are. Isn't that fantastic?! You know what he said about you at dinner one night? We were sitting at Sizzler, watching you throw peas and corn on the floor and he called you a "nice girl." He didn't want to leave the Pink House on his last night in Utah. He was perfectly content to hold you on his lap and just visit. It was a great weekend with family, and I'm grateful you got to be at Lalli's blessing as well as spend time with Vito. He bought you your first frozen yogurt, so that right there is probably the most important milestone of your life thus far, and he was there for it!

You're a pretry great kid, Aspen. It's non-stop exhaustion and exhileration getting to know you and bringing you up right.

Love you,

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  1. Sounds like an exciting month with the new class & meeting her great grandpa for the first time.


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