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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thirst no more!

Aspen has always has sensitive skin. What baby doesn't? I only bathe her every-other-day at the most, and she gets lotioned, against her will, twice each day (what is with babies screaming their heads off while getting massaged?!).

Regardless of my efforts to use moisture-rich products, she was still getting really rough patches of dry skin. In March, Kev and I noticed the crease of her arm actually broke open and got red and super-sensitive. I felt so badly for her. That's when I started using Aquaphor to spot-treat behind her legs, on her tummy, and her arms.

At Aspen's 9 month, I asked about the skin problems, and what I could do to make her more comfortable. Her pediatrician took one look and said "oh boy, that's eczema!" If I was the kind of parent who googles everything then I probably would've thought she had shingles or something horrifying. So, I'm kind of glad I was oblivious and just thought she had really, really, really bad dry skin.

Aspen's eczema is extremely easy to manage now that I've altered her beauty regime. I stopped using scented baby bath products and instead bought the Kroger brand of Cetaphil cleanser and body lotion. It's free of dyes and perfumes and it does the trick. On top of that, we got an inexpensive prescription cream ($4!) that I slather her with day and night. In 24 hours I saw improvement and within the week everything was cleared up.

Thank goodness for simple, inexpensive solutions!

Have you ever dealt with eczema? What did/do you use to treat it?


  1. wy has ezcema as well. making sure his bath water isn't hot helps (hard for me when my gut reaction for tub water demands hot...for myself of course) and just keeping cool in general. it flares up in the summer. he started reacting even to burts bees soaps, so right now he's on method's baby line and so far no rashes (this may be different than the ezcema, i'm super sensitive to most sunscreens). Lubriderm lotion works well for him, but the big kicker we discovered for the bad spots is hydrocortizone. a box of four at costco was like $5. just a tiny bit on the spot. anyway, i know you have some prescription stuff, but if you ever needed some in a pinch, hydrocortizone.

    such fun! many people have told me their kids grew out of it, so i'm hoping the same. my sister had it and she said it's much much better now.

  2. All of us, except Matt, have it. Now that I am an adult, I don't get rashes often, just once in a while. Beckett has it really bad. At one point his back was so covered in those rough, red patches that it looked like looking down at coral reef from an airplane. It was all over his back and onto his chest. His prescription was the best thing for it. It was a steroid lotion. Sounds like you have figured out what works for Penny. That is really the best thing. Like was said before, heat does make it flare up.

  3. Addy gets patches of it, too, although not quite as bad as what you're describing. She's improved as she's gotten older (which the pediatrician said would happen) and she actually tends to be worse in the winter when it is so dry. She used to get patches on her hips under her diaper that she would scratch while I changed her until they bled. She also gets a patch under her lip, which I think is made worse by her thumb sucking (making it all chappy). Anyway, long story short: we adore Cetaphil. It works like a dream for her. Good luck!

  4. YES! Both twins have it. I have exzema too and their flare ups coincided with my flare ups so I know it's what I'm eating. Dairy is what makes mine flare up and I guess my babies don't like dairy either! I think wheat may be a culprit also, Anyway, just went to their 4 month app and got a steroid cream and in two days it was gone! And their's was really bad! Mercedez looked like she had fallen down and scraped her knees and now had huge scabs. Sawyer's was all over his body and knees. Anyway, glad you got her some help! Cause exzema itches like CRAZY! I felt so bad for them because I know how uncomfortable it is when I have it. I'll itch and itch until I bleed and then it's an open sore and STILL itches!

  5. Matt has it. He gets it really bad on his eye lids and on his hands. His hands turn bright red and get bubble pockets on them. We use Aquaphor. He hates it because it's greasy, but it helps him not get inflamed. I'm sorry Aspen has it. Hopefully it wont continue, with her growing up. Mine stopped.

  6. ALL 3 of my kids! They are 11, 9 and 6... and each case has gotten better as they've gotten older. But my youngest is certainly more prone. Our saving grace - Aquaphor. Whne one has a bit of a break out, I will dab some on. We are especially successful if I make sure we apply to problem spots every night.

    But with my youngest, we do have a prescription on hand for those times when she needs something more. It's usually in hot weather. And of course, bathing as little as possible helps. Nnone of the kids mind that ;)

  7. Oh heavens yes. I have it and both my kids do too. I usually use cetaphil creme (the big tub). I like it better than aquaphor because its not greasy. And sometimes I use a steroid too. I am totally curious though what the prescription creme you are using is? Because my 4 month old baby has it quite bad and the Cetaphil alone isn't cutting it.

  8. I have eczema and I LOVE Aquaphor! Also all things unscented.


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