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Monday, May 09, 2011

We meet again!

Saturday, April 30, Aspen and I jetted down to Sandy to hang out with family and the girls certainly didn't know what to think of one another. Being only 8 months apart, I can see them getting into all sorts of trouble and fun once they're older. It'll be like having a sister, or maybe better because they won't get sick of each other (SOPHIA, I'M NOT SICK OF YOU!). But y'know, if you were only 8 months older than your sister (I know, naturally impossible) you might hate her.

Do you have cousins close to you? I haven't had cousins to play with since I was young. Seth likes to tease that Lalli and Penny will be arch-enemies, while I like to think they'll be thick as thieves, being penpals and summer buddies when our families can get together.

Oh it'll be so much fun!


  1. I love the expression on Aspens face. I bet they will be good little buddies. I have cousins on my dads side one a year older & one a year younger than me I loved playing with them when I was little but as everyone gets older it gets busier so we hardly see each other any more. The rest of my cousins lived out of state or were quite a bit older than me

  2. We had cousins around when I was younger (for a few years) it was a blast! THe cousins would spend weeks together in the summer, with one family driving up one weekend and then the other driving down to exchange kids. It was the best. As adults we are all friends still. Living far away hasn't changed it. Lucky Penny is what I have say about it.

  3. You know, I kind of had both kinds of cousins. I had cousins that thought family really was a popularity contest and so my family was totally left out and ignored, even made fun of (I so looked forward to family get togethers, let me tell ya). On the other side of the family, I loved getting together with them. Maybe it was because they were my only cousins on that side, but we had such fun together and spent most of the time laughing. I really hope Penny and Lalli are best friends, it makes life so much better.

  4. I just had to comment on the whole being 8 months apart being impossible. My sis-in-law works with a lady that has kids 8 months apart, she got pregnant obviously very quickly (didn't her Dr. tell her about the 6 week rule?) and then the baby came premature so she had two babies in 8 months, could you imagine???? Sorry I just had to say it because holy-cow what a story! Anyhow Lallie and Penny are cute and they will love being close in age, Everyone on my side of the family had a cousin that was born the same year as them, so my Grandma got two new Grandbabies every year, or at least every year a grandchild was born, and we love it I am so close to my cousin that was born the same year as me, and we've now had our own kids a few months apart too.


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