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Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, indeed, the rapture came.

It came in the form of the first sunny day in a week. Hallelujah and praise be! I was so excited that, get this, on Saturday I went outside at 8:45 IN THE MORNING and worked in my flower "garden." I use the term loosely because let's be honest, I suck at keeping plants alive.

It may be more accurate to call it "that bit of soil where things go to die" rather than "garden."

But at least the bird feeder's a hit. I had to stand in the middle of the living room and zoom way the heck in the catch these little birdies, but I did it! I'm so glad they love the feeder. Aspen and I sit at the front window trying to catch them up close, but they're pretty spooked by our noses pressed against the glass.

Oh well.

It was so nice to have a break in the rain. Aspen, Kev and I ate lunch in the backyard on Saturday and took turns in the hammock. While Kev cleaned out the truck in the driveway, Aspen, Maddie and I sat on the grass and practiced waving. And we were so lucky that Uncle Seth came up and got ice cream with us that night. It was, like, a REAL SUMMER DAY. Imagine that in the middle of May.

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  1. Saturday was such a beautiful day! Your garden looks great.


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