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Thursday, June 09, 2011

As many outfit changes as Madonna

The first half of Tuesday was spent fully-clothed (both Aspen and myself). We sat in front of the window and watched the world. Aspen repeatedly hit her forehead against the glass and licked the very same spots that were smeared with dog snot. Yum!

Aspen wore a sweater that currently fits as a dress. Which I think is awesome because that means this winter it will probably fit her like a regular sweater. And that means I'll really get my $7 worth.

By the middle of the day I was definitely getting my money's worth out of her diaper, as it was the only garment with which she was clothed through the remainder of the evening.

Naps are just too hot with a sweater dress on! And eating dinner is just too messy for fancy frock wearing. So, the diaper won. Best part of the ensemble? Seeing Aspen reach behind her back and tug a little on the waist of the diaper. So grown up, adjusting her own underpants!

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  1. I LOVE these pictures!!! You should submit them into a magazine!


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