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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Friday at the Roy Aquatic Center

Emily, a friend from WSU, and her sister frequent the Roy Aquatic Center, and last week Aspen and I were able to join them. Emily's daughter Oakley is just 10 days younger than Aspen so I've always wanted the girls to be friends. They had fun in the shallow parts of the pools, and sitting on their chairs eating snacks.

Children 3 and under are free, and adults are only $5, so I'm happy to add the Aquatic Center to our routine at least a couple of times a month. It's so chill and spacious and I loved spending time with the girls and their girls. I'm hoping Oakley will teach Aspen how to crawl! And her growl is pretty dang cute as well.

Any advice on baby swim suits that fit well? Of the four I have for Aspen, they're either too big or too small. I have coupons for Old Navy, Gymboree and Crazy 8 that I'm happy to put toward a suit if you think I might have any luck at those places.


  1. Target gave us Bug's adorable suit this year, complete with little matching surfer t-shirt for her super pale skin. And baby boards shorts? KILL ME NOW.

  2. Sorry I dont have any suggestions on suits. Bailee's first one was from Childrens Place it seemed to fit just right. Her two current ones are from Maceys & Childrens Place & they kinda small.

    I will have to take Bailee there some time! Thats where Shad & I went on our first date :)

  3. I haven't looked at Target yet, so I'll have to stop there.

    Jen, that's so fun you and Shad had your first date there! I hope to go sometime and actually swim instead of just sit with Aspen in the shallow pools. But for only $5, it's worth going back multiple times this summer.

  4. You should hit up Crazy 8, it's my favorite store! I got Rock's trunks and rash guard there and they are freaking cute and they fit perfectly. Love that place! Oh and get your eyebrows threaded at the kiosk across from it while you are there! It's superb.


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