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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gag gag gag

Look, I get that there are trends. I get that fashion is cyclic. But what I don't get is why every man, woman and child is wearing ugly glasses.

No joke, I googled "ugly glasses" and this is what came up:

The pair of glasses that every stupid trendy person has been wearing lately.

Maybe it's because I've been practically blind since I was 6, but I think glasses are ridiculously annoying. Not having a choice but to wear them, I don't think they're cool. I don't think they're trendy. I don't think they're a fashion statement. I think they make it impossible to lie down while wearing them. It makes reading it bed uncomfortable. They slide off my nose, they distract the baby, they suck.

Yeah yeah yeah I'm just jealous that I'll wear glasses/contacts the rest of my life. But you know what I'm not jealous of? Your fugly glasses that make your face look droopy and fat.



  1. Liv, you kill me. You're so funny. I totally agree, they are ugly. You know what else I think is "fugly" and is trendy right now? Cut off shorts so short not only does your butt completely hang out, but so do the front pockets. Completely ugly but yet so everywhere.

  2. i like them. not that i have them or wear them, but i kind of like them. but i also used to wear a large troll tied to a string as a necklace - so im not sure if my opinion counts. btw i laughed out loud about the laying down thing. glasses totally suck. think - when its cold outside and you go into a warm place - or open the steamy dishwasher - or try to watch tv lying down. retarded.

  3. Those glasses are so ugly. I have to wear glasses because contacts kill my eyes, but as soon as we can afford lasic (sp?), no more glasses. I completely agree about reading in bed and all of that. Glasses are so not fun. When I was younger, I kind of wanted glasses, so I could do one of those transformation things where you take off your glasses and you were suddenly beautiful. Silly me.


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