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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Got Milk?

At Aspen's 9 month well-check appointment, her pediatrician said any time would be fine to introduce regular milk into her diet. With a little help from milk's favorite cookie (OREOS!!) this morning I did just that.

Is it wrong it took me two months to finally let her have cow's milk? I couldn't see the need for it since she's getting plenty of mama milk in the meantime. My problem is this: I may not have another baby. THIS MAY BE MY ONLY BABY (yes, I said it twice for emphasis). That means this is the only time I'll nurse. And since it's going well and it's a non-issue more often than not, I don't want to mess it up.

And before you start freaking out that I gave my baby milk before she turned one, don't. Just relax. She's not going to get botulism (besides, that's honey). What you should be worried about is the fact that I let her eat part of an Oreo with breakfast. And breakfast was at 10am.

It's just been that kind of a week, folks. I'm exhausted. I haven't seen much of Kev because he's working like a dog. So yes, I gave my kid milk and cookies. If I can eat them for breakfast, why can't she?


  1. This probably is no consolation, but my sister's been feeding her 13-month-old just about anything under the sun for several months. She was careful about honey and nuts. He's a great eater, though, so he'll pretty much swallow anything edible that's put into his mouth — for better or worse. Anyway, there's not point to this. But you're a good mom, so I'm sure she's fine.

    Also, I had cookies for breakfast today, too. :)

  2. Uh...what's wrong with that? I totally ate cupcakes for breakfast yesterday and chocolate covered walnuts today. So you gave her a cookie? I really don't think anybody is going to be turning you into child services any time soon.

  3. anna is drinking cows milk as if she were a calf and it hasn't messed up nursing one bit. also richard gave her a giant piece of chocolate cake. i got mad at him for that one though...we argued about it and my thought is that kids shouldn't have treats until they can ask for them.....but i totally give anna little bits of whatever im eating - even if its cookies. I just don't give her big pieces of cake and cookies all the time - because she'd be just as happy with a piece of bread. but im totally giving her her own cake for her 1 yr bday......gosh am i wishy washy or what!

  4. Thats interesting her doc said she could start cows milk at 9 months. I would have loved that since Bailee was on formula.

  5. YUM! And hey, I am sitting around doing nothing now, so maybe we could eat milk and cookies together soon!

  6. Jesse LOVES oreos and can I say that I LOVE that I am done having children. They are my world, but two is enough for Andrew and I.

  7. @jenn, the reason the dr said it was okay is actually because aspen is NOT formula-fed. cow milk would just be a supplement to breast milk, so it wouldn't have taken the place of her main source of nourishment.

    this morning was one of the first that she insisted on eating what i had instead of what she had. usually we eat the same thing though, so i don't blame her for choosing cookies over cheerios and cheese!


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