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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Home sweet home

I walked WSU's campus on Sunday night, and felt like the only person in the world. Aspen and I strolled the sidewalks where I used to walk as a student. I told her about the different buildings I spent my college days in, and the fun times I had before I knew what real responsibility was.

While the babe and I walked the campus, Kev and Paul scrambled around the construction site that our old apartment has become. We lived in Wasatch Hall for about two years, and now it's a pile of rubble. All that's left standing is one corner of our apartment, and the door to our bathroom.

I'm kind of glad I didn't see the old building with them. It makes me sad to think of that place torn down and gone forever. Yes, it was time for it to go, but that doesn't make accepting its destruction any easier.

Growing up means letting go of a lot of things. While Kev and I no longer live on campus, we still can't seem to get away. And even though that apartment had a lot of faults (no heat in the winter, students EVERYWHERE, no hot water), it had a lot of good memories.


  1. Whoa, Wasatch Hall is gone? That is crazy.

  2. Ah, memories! I remember walking around that campus during my first year of college. I really like that pond where you can feed the ducks, too.


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