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Friday, June 17, 2011

I had a woman named Aspen in one of my classes recently.

During a practice, I like to offer encouragement and recognize when practitioners are doing well in a posture. We don't have mirrors for this particular class, so we don't get to visually check in with ourselves to ensure our postures look nice.

That being said, every time I wanted to comment on Aspen's form, I had to restrain from talking baby-talk and clapping my hands in excitement. I had to tell myself that I was talking to a grown-up Aspen, not my 10 month old. Grown-up Aspen probably wouldn't appreciate being coddled.

To add to the awesome-ness of the name, I also met a little girl named Aspen at an event for Jeff Lowe this week. She was wandering the lobby of Peery's with her dad during the movie and I bumped into her with my Aspen. I was so thrilled when she told me her name. And she was so thrilled that she ran back to her dad and interrupted him to tell him.

I'm relived that Aspen's name is "normal" enough that other people also have it. But I think it's unique enough too... without being weird or spelled stupid (like, with six extra vowels or something).

Do you have a unique name? Or do you have lots of friends with your name?


  1. Growing up, every one and their dog seemed to share my name (ok well maybe no dogs, that I know of anyway, hahaha)-- Jessica was one of the most popular baby names the year I was born. oh and when I worked my last year in WSU housing, there was a girl living there that shared my first AND last name! How dare she steal my identity? lol

  2. My named — spelled generically — was on the U.S. Top 10 list of most popular girl names for many, many years. The only solace I have is that it's relatively timeless — not really a fad. And Emilie is different but not completely made up. It's the French version.

  3. Jess, I can't believe there was a girl with the very same name! I don't remember that. Maybe I had already quit?

    Em, I love the French spelling. And I love names like Emilie and Charlotte and Margot that are classic.

  4. My name is starting to get more common, but my spelling isn't that popular, which I find weird, because Alissa sounds just like Melissa. So you would think that would be the more common way of spelling it, but most people spell it Alyssa. And at school, teachers never pronounced it right on the first few days of school. How can you get it wrong when it looks like Melissa (which isn't exactly a name that gets pronounced wrong often)?
    I love Aspen's name and I am glad you didn't go for the weird spelling thing. Just because a common name is spelled unique, doesn't make the name unique. It is still a common name.

  5. In Utah my name is unique. I didn't meet another Dixie until I was 18. I never had to wonder if people were calling me or someone else. I did have to repeat my name several times to some people, who couldn't quite grasp that it was Dixie and not Stacey. (Ever heard of Dixie cups people?) Out here, my name can be found everywhere and it's common to hear "Dixie."

  6. my name is not a common name, but its not a weird out-there sort of name, either. i was one of two mary's in my grade. now -- my friend ashley on the other hand, was one of about 10. they used to go by numbers (ashley #1, etc) sometimes to keep it straight!

  7. Aspen is such a cute name! I have to say Shads name is unique. The only other Shad I know I used to clean his office & my brothers for work when I was a teenager.

  8. I love Aspen's name, and I am glad you spelled it "normal" I hate when people spell names really weird, and I am sure the kids don't appreciate it either when they have to correct people for the rest of their lives on how to spell it. I once taught a girl named "Arianna" however it was spelled Erryanna, I guess if you sound it out it makes sense but no one will ever spell it correctly. Anyhow, my name is common enough but there really aren't tons out there, I've lived in 4 states and I never had another Tiffany in the same class or anything, though I think there were probably about 5-10 of us in each school I attended.


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