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Friday, June 03, 2011

Knock, Knock. Go the Eff away.

I hate solicitors.

So much so that I wrote on the glass of my storm door: "NO SOLICITORS."

But, I failed to take into consideration that solicitors obviously can't read.

I had three this week. THREE.


What makes it worse is I'm usually sitting right in my front room when they knock, and Maddie usually barks so loud they can't even hear me telling them to go away.

Solicitors also can't take a hint. Like, when I don't answer and they just keep knocking. I know they can see me, but that's part of the lesson I'm trying to teach them. DON'T BOTHER PEOPLE.

It's a definite sign of summer when the plague that is door-to-door salespeople lets loose on the city.


  1. I HATE solicitors. The Kirby vacuum van will pull into our complex, drop off people and then circle the block to leave. There's a sign at the entrance to our complex that says 'No Solicitors'. So doesn't that make it illegal? I should call the cops sometime. Also, I'm home alone with my babies. Why in the world would I open the door to some stranger???

  2. that has to be the number one thing I hate about summer. I have no desire to hear the long sales pitch and waste either of our time... mostly mine! You never know if there is some creap on the other side of the door and I dont feel safe answering it, but luckily I have a 3 yr old who doesn't hesitate in answering the door... ahhh children.

  3. I HATE solicitors too! We get so many of them. Im sure its because there are so many houses close together in our subdivision its the perfect spot. We dont even answer the door anymore until we look out the window or we know we are expecting someone.

  4. The annoying thing about our house is we have little windows on the front door, so people on the porch just look right in and never seem ashamed to do so.

    Sorry for soliciting on a post about how irritating solicitors are, but I install peepholes in the Ogden area for $20, peephole included. Just let me know if you want one:


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