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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

My life is so glam these days. A couple of weeks ago I was outside with Maddie and Aspen, enjoying the shade of the apple tree. Then Maddie peed on the patio and it stunk to high heaven.

So I got the hose and turned into one those people. Y'know, those people you see who are too lazy to pick up a broom and sweep concrete. But how else was I supposed to clean puppy peepee off the patio?

Once all the stink was cleaned up, Aspen and I headed over to the hammock and I was thisclose to stepping in poop.

Seriously, Maddie?

But when I was putting the hose away I saw a ladybug on the fence, so the rest of my day was destined to be lucky. I don't remember anything else peepee or poopy happening, so it must have come true.

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  1. Love when I find Oreo's poop on the patio or the curbings its like seriously dog you have a ton of grass go poop on that. Your back yard sounds so nice & relaxing!


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