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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making domesticity suit me.

I am a horrible housewife. Kev will often come home to loads of clean laundry piled in baskets, waiting to be folded. Or the front room will be littered with Aspen's and Maddie's toys. Or I'm still in my underwear and robe at 11am when he stops by to pick something up for work.

Oh well. At least the baby and the dog are happy, the laundry is clean and as for showering... well, I usually get to that before noon.

Somedays you just have to make your job fun. It isn't very exciting to fold laundry. It hasn't fun to vacuum. Doing the dishes makes me want to drown myself in the sink. But, it's my job. And I'm happy to have it.

So, I got spicy and put on my high heels to fold laundry. No joke. I thought to myself, hmmm, self, what would make you feel fabulous this afternoon? I said, self, wearing heels and skinny capris would do the trick! Voila. Instant glam while folding socks.

Try it sometime.


  1. That is awesome. I need to find me something to get motivated like that.

  2. Also, I rarely get the laundry put away after it is clean. I'm doing good if I remember to take that last load out of the dryer, or sometimes even the last load into the dryer.

  3. I love the shoes. Every time I look at heels, I think would Liv approve? I hate putting away laundry, I'm fine folding it, just don't want to put it away. At least it's clean.

  4. You are hilarious. And don't worry that you are in your underwear at 11 am. If I'm not going anywhere for the day, which is most days, I am in my underwear all freaking day long! And I don't even wear a robe! We really do need to get curtains on our kitchen window....

  5. Great idea. This deserves a new follower. Will be back.

    Laundry at my house requires braving the staircase...think I might have to wear lingerie instead.


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