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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Note to self:

Don't go a week without your meds!

I called in a refill, but every time I remembered to pick them up, Aspen was napping. I'm not kidding. So by the time day 7 rolled around, I found myself crying when Aspen wouldn't eat her oatmeal. And I'd be all, GET A GRIP, LADY! In a way, it's a good reminder that I shouldn't self-wean any time soon.

In the past, I've met with a psychiatrist every 3 months or so to gauge my usage and its effectiveness. Those 5 minutes cost me $66 out of pocket. It sucked. After Christmas I was supposed to go in but for some reason couldn't so I called to reschedule. That's when I found out my psychiatrist had up and left that particular practice and was now working for a clinic that didn't take appointments, but encouraged "clients" to show up and wait around on Mondays for an opening.

Really? Um. No thanks. I'm not going to sit in a government sponsored clinic all day with my infant and hope I get in to see a psychiatrist for 5 minutes just so she can tell me to keep taking my dosage as currently prescribed.

Luckily, I noticed that when she last refilled my Rx, she'd given me 30 refills. Meaning I wouldn't have to meet with her in the near future. She must have known she'd be leaving the practice, otherwise there's no reason she would've given me more than two years of refills upfront.

I'm not complaining though; this will save me $66 every three months. And it also gives me plenty of time to switch my meds over to a general practitioner who won't charge me through the nose just to tell me to keep taking my pills. I can find out for free that I need to keep taking my pills!

Only, there's obviously an emotional toll because no one should cry over uneaten oatmeal.

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  1. I hear you. I missed taking my meds four times during our time in Omaha, and man, I was hit hard when we got home. It sure makes me want to make sure I don't miss my pill each night. I'm glad you Doc gave you all those refills. That is way nice.


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