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Monday, June 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, month 11

Hen Pen-


Look, kid. You're getting cuter by the minute. In addition to the words you've been saying for a couple of months (dada, mama, ba, pppppp, pup) you're now saying "wow." It's the most adorable sound EVER. I just wish you could use it in context. That'll be the day.

You're also occasionally lifting yourself up onto hands and knees, although crawling still eludes you. Walking, however, is an entirely different story. You are out of control with the need to walk, kid. Daddy and I tried to get you to use your baby walker, but you wouldn't settle for anything less than having someone hold your hands and prance you around the world. One afternoon at Melissa's though, and all that changed! She bought you a special toy and when I picked you up after a couple of hours, YOU WERE WALKING AROUND HER DINING ROOM WITH IT. Girlfriend, you're amazing. It's so cute; it looks like you're pushing around your shopping cart, buying groceries.

With the mention of Melissa, I just have to tell you how many people love and care for you. You spend time with all sorts of lovely ladies each week, and we're so lucky to have so much help from our friends. Miss Zjani, Miss Alissa, Miss Meliss and Miss Annette all have a hand in raising you up right, baby girl.

Summer is here in full-swing, and we're spending as much time as we can outside. You love to sit on the grass with a book while mama and Maddie hang in the hammock in the backyard. It's a good set up for all of us. Also, you love the pools! It's so nice to have the free Splash Pads, as well as the Aquatic Center in Roy, to frequent in the heat. I hope we'll be able to make a lot of memories in the water and that you'll always love it.

You're eating pretty much everything, even though you still don't have any teeth. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, but I'm going to go with frozen yogurt. Farr's Fresh has a lactose/sugar/dairy/everything free pineapple frozen yogurt that I share with you. In between bites you basically have a cow. You love it so much. You're also still a fan of avocado, and potatoes, noodles, oatmeal, yogurt and toast. OH MY GOSH THE TOAST! Aspen, you love toast and waffles. It's insane.

Other things going on in your life include fake laughing, swinging at the park, pointing to any puppy in sight, rolling a lot, putting things in your mouth, kicking things, touching people's tongues and staring out the window in the living room. That is probably one of the cutest things ever. Sometimes mama goes outside and stands in the flower bed opposite the window so we can practice waving to each other. You look a-freakin-dorable peeking out that window and it's the best when people walking or driving by wave at us.

It's so nice to have you in my life, Aspen. We have a lot of fun and Daddy says you bring him so much joy. There's no greater compliment, little girl, than to be a bringer of joy.

We love you, with all our hearts.


  1. This was the best one yet. :) She really is a good baby. I think the Spirit has poured Himself all over her. We all love watching her grow! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

  2. I cant believe she is almost one! Bailee wont use a walker either she likes to hold someones hand & walk around. And I dont blame her loving the toast its good stuff!

  3. This is such a cute idea. These letters are so sweet. She is the cutest little girl ever.


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