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Monday, June 13, 2011

Riverdale Splash Pad = FREE FUN

Last Friday Aspen and I went to the Riverdale Splash Pad. It's a free water-park-type activity place for kids of all ages. The park also has picnic areas, and your typical playgrounds. It's so nice. Plenty of shady trees, and lots of water toys.

The first splash of water elicited a yelp from Aspen since it's FREEZING. But, she overcame that obstacle and I'm tellin' ya, if she could walk, she'd a been all over it.

But since she can't walk, instead she sat. Or she stood and held onto this red mushroom thing and played to her heart's content. Also, mama walked her around the perimeter at least once so she could scope out the place.

On our walk, we stopped to pick things up and put them in our mouths. Sticks, rocks, pieces of trees. Yum! Aspen had so much fun just sitting and splashing and screaming. It was busy, but I didn't feel crowded at all.

Hopefully we'll have many more fun days at the Splash Pad because holy cow, we don't have AC in the Pink House and need to cool off in the worst way.


  1. My sister and her family live just down the road from the Riverdale Splash Pad and I LOVE it! I wish I could take Makai there, I bet he'd go nuts. It looks like Aspen had a blast! The pictures are so sweet.

  2. How fun! I didnt know there was a splash pad in Riverdale. We went to the one by our house on Friday.

  3. We literally went to the splash pad every day last summer. Aubrey loved it. We have only been to the one in South Ogden. Looks like we have to check out the one in Riverdale soon! I agree that they are always busy-but never seem overly crowded. Glad Aspen loves it!


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