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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

shut the heck up

At 3:50am one morning last week, my neighbor's dog started barking. I know this because it woke me up. And the baby girl. Her room is on that side of the house... CURSES!

I let her cry for a while, but it was apparent that she was not going to soothe herself to sleep after such a rude awakening. I know I was having trouble sleeping with that stupid dog still barking 10 minutes later.

So I went to Aspen and nursed her and cuddled her and we sat in her chair together for a little while until she seemed ready to be by herself.

Unfortunately, I laid awake in bed for another HOUR unsuccessfully trying to sleep. When my alarm went off a couple of hours later, I was not having it. I tucked the phone in bed beside me to snooze. And that's when Kev got sneaky.

He thought it was funny that I was sleeping with two pillows on my head to drown out the noise of the neighborhood. Did you know that the birds at the Pink House start chirping at 5am? I do.

(and please forgive the blue line... my phone has started adding such features to my photos lately... I hope it's not a sign it's dying because I love my phone! I've had it for years and years and years and it takes such fantastic photos otherwise).


  1. I hate that. I have a hard time going back to sleep too. I read once that you should just get up and do something until your sleepy instead of just lying there, but there is no way I would do that. I would rather put on a movie and have that put me to sleep.

  2. I feel your pain. I have the hardest time getting a good night's sleep during the summer. No A/C means windows are open and barking dogs, noisy birds (oh the magpies!) and occasional noisy neighbors make it hard to sleep.

  3. Is that Maddie's head I see peeking out the top of the sheets?! Because if it is, it makes the picture that much more adorable.

  4. It might be Maddie, but I can't tell! And I don't remember if I had the sheets pulled up or her cuddled against me.


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